Our extensive experience in events means that we have most of the answers to those little niggling worries that give you sleepless nights. Fret not! We’ve probably been there and can handle it. Browse through our FAQ’s to see what answers we’ve got for you, or check out our Slixonic Experience video.

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If you have a request for a specific line up or band member, feel free to raise it with us. However, as with any show, we cannot guarantee individual band members availability 100%, which is actually good news! Here’s why:

We are a collective, not a line up of individual musicians. Each member has been carefully selected for their talent and experience, so every single member of the collective is as qualified and indispensable as the other.

The reason why the Slixonic collective are of such high calibre, and in such high demand, is because we refuse to feature anything less than the very best singers and musicians. If we were able to guarantee certain individuals, especially very far in advance, we would be working with double standards as it would be a poor reflection of their quality as an artist. We take pride in our carefully selected collective!

Unless circumstances are beyond control occur, the singers featured on our videos are the artists currently working with us the most and generally will perform at most shows. In the occurrence that they need to be replaced - they are after all only human, and circumstances such as holiday, injury or major commitments can crop up occasionally - we have a roster of top quality stand ins who work regularly as featured vocalists with the band, all of whom have either appeared in the West End or as top session vocalists, as well as some being previous finalists of shows such as the ‘The Voice’ & ‘X Factor’.

Click here to watch a short video where our band manager, Juliana, will give you an idea of how it all works!

We are happy to be flexible when it comes to extras. If you have any special requests (e.g. percussion, extra singers, big horn section…) let us know and we can easily alter & increase the band line up to fit your needs. Generally speaking, our line ups are below.* If you are looking for something extra special, please ask us about our 10-12 piece line ups.

6 Piece Band: 1 x female vocal, 1 x male vocal, guitar, bass, keys, drums.

7 Piece Band: 2 x female vocals, 1 x male vocal, guitar, bass, keys, drums (popular!)

8 Piece Band: 1 x female vocal, 1 x male vocal, guitar, bass, keys, drums, tenor saxophone & trumpet


2 x female vocals, 1 x male vocal, guitar, bass, keys, drums, tenor sax

9 Piece Band: 2 x female vocals, 1 x male vocal, guitar, bass, keys, drums, tenor saxophone & trumpet (popular!)

Please enquire about bigger line ups if space and budget allow!

*Please be aware that these may alter slightly in case of emergency or sickness but our line ups will always reflect the high standard of the band, no matter what!

Good news! The space required does not really differ with the 6 to 9 piece line ups, as long as you have met our minimum space requirement (6 m x 3 m). Most of the room is taken up by compulsory instruments such as drums, keys, bass & guitar. Extra singers and horn sections slot in at the front of the band very easily. Although optimum stage space is very much appreciated, and helps us move around on stage which always looks great!, we often have to fit into very compact spaces, so we are happy to work around your arrangements. However, the more room the band have to perform the better. If you are considering booking the smaller band, we normally suggest it to be a question of budget rather than space.

Ideally, 6m x 3m. If you can give us more than that, great! If you have much less room to give, don’t worry. We can have a look at your stage area in square meters and scale down to accommodate.

The band needs a minimum of 90 minutes to set up and thoroughly soundcheck to ensure the best possible performance. We understand that timings can run tight on the day, however, please ensure that when planning your event you allow enough time for this. A decent set up is vital to the band providing you with the best entertainment possible. It’s in both our interests to work as quickly as we can so please don’t rush us! We’ll already be working as fast as we possibly can. Rushed sound checks can mean poor sound, feedback and overlooked issues later on which can ruin the performance all together. When we’ve got first dances to think about especially, it’s paramount that we get this right for you!

Here is what we strongly suggest after years of experience: Let us know what songs you like, what genres/decades you want, the age group(s) at your event, the overall vibe you’re after, and let us know which songs/artists you definitely want us to steer clear of! We will then compile the perfect song list for your party. This means you won’t know exactly which song is coming up next. You’ll be pleasantly surprised and will have as much of a “this is my jaaaaam!” reaction to each song as your guests will!

Over the years, we have discovered that many of our favourite songs don’t work as well as others in a live situation and there are certain songs that constantly crop up as requests from our clients which can actually be real dance floor clearers as well!

It is also very important for us to put certain songs in certain places and this is something that has been honed after years of trial and error. We’ve come to truly know the songs that sound the best live, and fill the dance floor the most. We want to see you enjoying your own party just like everyone else!

As mentioned in question 1, we are a collective of highly trained, skilled musicians all of whom are rehearsed and equipped to perform with us. These musicians and singers have been carefully selected and can step in to replace a band member in the unlikely, unfortunate event of illness or injury.

Click here to watch a short video where our band manager, Juliana, will give you an idea of how it all works!

When you get in touch, be it via the contact form, email or phone, we will send you a short questionnaire. Please give us as much detail as possible and be as accurate as you can, so that we can provide you with a quick and accurate quote. Our fee will depend on the band line up, travel distance, performance lengths, audience sizes, amongst other factors. For instance, for larger events with bigger audiences, we may need to hire extra sound equipment.